Classic Motorcycles & Vintage Bikes For Sale (2024)

I have nothing but praise for The Norton is now sold to happy new owner! Thanks again Jeff

Jeff (UK, Norton Commando)

I posted an advert on your site on Saturday and would now like you to please take the add down as the bike has sold already. Great service, thanks very much.

Nigel (UK)

Beautiful T500 Suzuki now sold, only took a week thanks very much.

Steve (UK)

Thanks to your website I am now the happy owner of a Sachs café roadster which was advertised in your site. Thanks again for your site and your professionalism!

Ian (UK)

Hi Nigel, I would like to inform you that I have today sold my 1965 Velocette Venom Clubman. Thank you for providing such a professional site to advertise my bike. The number of views was very impressive and delighted with the interest shown before finally selling. I would be grateful if you would now remove the listing from the site.

Dave (Velocette, UK)

Hi Nigel, happy to report the 53 Gold Star is sold to a gent in Australia. Vintage Bike really works, 2nd bike I've sold, first was the 605 ATK.

Doug (BSA, USA)

just a quick note of thanks & to let you know that I sold my K75 BMW recently after advertising it on your website. The bike now has an appreciative new rider & the sale was without any problems whatsoever. I have no hesitation recommending your service to others.

Jon (BMW, UK)

My Royal Enfield Continental GT Replica has been sold and is now the possession of another proud owner! I cannot express my thanks enough for the fantastic result of placing the advertisem*nt on your site. Within a matter of hours of it appearing, there was a buyer with the full amount in cash! There is no question that when I sell another machine, the ‘vintagebike’ site will be the way to go.

Geoffrey (Enfield, UK)

Advertised my A10 Spitfire on eBay for a week with no bids. Advertised it here for the same price and it was sold in 17 hours! Fantastic!

Tim (BSA, UK)

Hi, I need to advise that my Guzzi V50III has been sold via your classified section. Many thanks for the help.

Derek (Moto Guzzi, UK)

A quick note to thank you for helping to sell my bike so quickly. I advertised it Wednesday, by Thursday I had two interested buyers, and by 12.00hrs Saturday the bike was sold and leaving on a trailer. I have been very pleased with the readership you have, and had further calls from overseas.

Neville (Triumph, UK)

I've sold my Kawasaki Z1000A1, after a steady flow of enquiries since August, resulting in a successful sale at my asking price. This is the third bike i have sold through your website, and I cant recommend it highly enough.

Dave (Kawasaki, UK)

Thank you - I will recommend your site to everyone i know looking to sell their bikes, best ever.!

Jesse (UK)

Hi Nigel, thank you for the prompt reply and service, sorely lacking these days, you are a star.

Mark (UK)

Spot on! Lots of response more than Autotrader

Tony (Ducati, UK)

Please remove my advert for the 1972 Suzuki GT750J. Thanks to your website I had 4 or 5 serious enquiries and the bike is now sold. This was the second time I have used your classifieds to sell a bike and I will definitely do so again in future. Thanks for providing such a good service.

Martyn (Suzuki, UK)

I have sold both of my AJS Competitions so please remove the adverts. The site has really been a great help selling all three bikes in 3 month. Thank you so much!

Claus (AJS, Denmark)

Please remove my add for Triumph T140D as bike has been sold with lots of interest shown I could have sold six if I had them!

Hugh (Triumph, UK)

Sold the Norton thanks to a single advert on your website. Plenty of interest created!

Perry (Norton, UK)

The web advert works perfectly, spam is avoided, buyers vetted, price & description can be adjusted easily, found a suitable successful buyer with a minimum of fuss, Thank you!

Rob (Nimbus, UK)

Just to let you know I just sold the ATK for the $2500 asking price as a result of the ad in Vintagebike. This is the 2nd bike I've sold through the site - the first was a 1957 T110 and I got the full price of $9,000for it. Vintagebike works here in the States too!

Doug (ATK, USA)

Thank you for advertising my Bantam on your site. I had a response within one hour of advertising and I sold the bike almost the same day.

Hassan (Bantam D3, UK)

Just a quick note to say that I sold the bike to guy who came via your advert, so thanks a million for all your help.

Dave (Matchless G9)

Just a word of praise, posted my add re Douglas Dragonfly at 4.30 on Wednesday 3rd Nov. received a call at 7.30 the same day. The enquirer hired a van on Thursday 4th travelled down to Cornwall some 300 miles overnight purchased the Dragonfly paying in cash for the asking price and was enroute back to his home by 0930 on Friday the 5th. Must be some sort of record. Thanks once again!

Bob, UK (Douglas Dragonfly, UK)

Really pleased with not just the response but the quality of enquiry...the best advertising money i have ever spent.

John Beeston, UK

Surprised how quickly the bike went - only one week from advert on website! A wide selection of people from all areas contacted us. Will certainly use the website again!

Angela Hampshire, UK

A great service that reached a worldwide market and allowed me to sell my bike trouble free. (the buyer came and picked it up) Priceless!

Ron Kirkham, Canada

My ad produced a far more numerous and international response than the ad I placed in Old Bike Mart. Well done.

Paul McConnell, UK

Placed an ad and bike sold within 4 days. Excellent response and easy to identify the fraudsters out there. I will certainly use the site in future.

Dean, UK

I would like to express my thanks to you for finding the buyers for my two bikes! I am delighted with the results your site has produced.

Pete Scott, UK

Many thanks for the great service! I will definitely use the vintagebike website again!

Ron, Germany

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The consistent theme across these testimonials is the quick and successful sale of various vintage motorcycles, including Norton, Suzuki, Sachs, Velocette, BSA, BMW, Royal Enfield, Ducati, AJS, Triumph, Nimbus, ATK, Moto Guzzi, Kawasaki, Douglas, and more. Sellers express their satisfaction with the site's wide readership, international reach, and the quality of responses received.

The positive outcomes mentioned in these testimonials include rapid sales, numerous inquiries, international interest, and even instances of bikes being sold within hours of posting an ad. The testimonials also highlight the user-friendly nature of the website, allowing sellers to easily adjust prices and descriptions.

In summary, VintageBike appears to be a highly effective platform for selling vintage motorcycles, providing a reliable and efficient service to enthusiasts worldwide. The diverse range of bikes sold and the international reach showcased in the testimonials underscore the platform's significance in the vintage motorcycle community. If you're looking to sell a vintage bike, these testimonials strongly suggest that VintageBike is a platform worth considering for a successful and hassle-free transaction.

Classic Motorcycles & Vintage Bikes For Sale (2024)
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